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Educational content for free, to anyone in the world. 

One of the best ways to help our customers be awesome, besides making Balsamiq Wireframes, is to teach them how to build easy-to-use products with it. 

The job of the Education Team is not to drive customers toward our product. Our company mission is, and always has been, to rid the world of bad software, and one way to do that is to improve the quality of the software that people design (using our tool or not). 

How our team came to be
How the Education team fits into company’s marketing efforts


What Are Wireframes?
A series of videos for teachers, instructors, or professors introducing wireframes to folks new to digital design

In Progress:
A video series with UX Expert Piccia Neri



I started a series called The Process Behind where I interview creators about the process behind creating a particular product. We’re always on the lookout for a creator who wants to talk about a project.


Writing is the core of what our team does and I am proud to say that I have grown comfortable taking concepts, ideas, and musings to form articles for every type of visitor. 

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