Wireframing for Everyone

Wireframing for Everyone is product design book written for anyone wanting to learn how to turn an idea into reality.

See how wireframes and low-fidelity design can help teams work more effectively and learn how to design and communicate better by focusing on structure instead of pixels.

Building on our decades of combined experience throughout this book we demonstrate the power of low-fidelity design to involve everyone in the design process to build better products.

This broad approach also demystifies UI design through the lens of wireframing, by stripping away the decorative layer so that anyone can learn to construct a digital product and make it easy to use.

Topics covered

  • The role of wireframes in software development
  • Wireframing techniques for generating design concepts
  • Using wireframes for cross-functional participation
  • User interface design basics
  • Presenting and getting feedback on your wireframes
  • Following your ideas through to implementation

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a screenshot of a heavily edited Word document The craft and detail that go into writing a book is incredible and eye-opening. 

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