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One of my first speaking engagements for a Product Hunt meet up at Threadless HQ. 

I’ve been fortunate to be asked to offer my insights on various topics in design. I’ve been interviewed, created keynotes, and held webinars to share what I’ve learned during my career. I also like to host, or facilitate events on topics I think are important in design currently.  

Topics include:
  • Design Leadership
  • UI for UXers
  • Content-first Design

I continue to speak at various design events, am the program director for The Society of Typographic Arts, and UXPA Chicago.

If you’d like me or to help set up an event or to speak at yours, just ask.


DesignOps Summit 2022 by Rosenfeld: Pro-level UI Tips for Beginners 

How To Get Started and Best Practices With Wireframing
Interview for SaaS District

Content-led design with wireframes
Using wireframes means one thing mainly: wireframes will make sure your approach is content-led.

The Product School: Webinar – Content-First Design with Balsamiq

Product Led Summit: Wireframing for Everyone
Learn how wireframes can be used in different ways throughout the product design process, to ensure that user goals are clear, the design phase is thorough, and developer handoff is smooth.

Chicago Camps: The 10 Principles of Effective Wireframes
Wireframing should be a part of every digital design project and each team should have a hand in making them. You don’t even need a computer to create great wireframes—a sketch on a white board works just as well if you’re doing it right.

Design Basics for Non-Designers
An introduction to the basic design principles used by professional designers, that many people may not even realize. These principles have a huge impact on how your product is used and perceived.  

Chicago Camps: Revisiting Wireframes — Techniques & Principles for the Whole Team

Wireframes are not only design artifacts, they are also effective communication tools. Learn how wireframes can be used in multiple ways throughout the product design process to ensure that user goals are clear, many ideas are explored, and developer hand-off is more seemless.

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