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Working with some of the best people and making some of the best products of my career.

I worked as the lead designer on most projects during my time at Threadless. I learned more than I could have imagined. Not only from creating many designs for products, but learning product development, strategy, management, and every little detail that is involved in running an ecommerce business. I was also fortunate enough to get involved in the design community and host many creative related events at our incredible office spaces. 

Threadless was a career defining job. I grew from an individual contributor to leading the design process in collaboration with the entire product team. I learned so much from my coworkers and will cherish the relationships we built forever.

The fun part of working at a highly visible company is that when you make something, people write about it. Below are some articles that came out when we launched our new products.


Build your own Threadless 

The Threadless Artist Shops platform enables artists around the world to upload their art and transform it into tangible products to sell to their customers and fans. Threadless handles the rest. From logistics of sales and shipping to customer service.

The platform hosts nearly 400,000 unique Artist Shops.

Artist Shops site
Article from TNW


Say something funny... Make it into a t-shirt.

Type Tees was an iOS app that let users type out a message, choose a design template and buy a shirt, all from within the app.

We carefully designed every interaction. From the interface to the email receipts to the marketing website. We also designed and built a new Order Management System to managed the new revenue stream.

I was also the product owner. I strategized the product roadmap and managed its delivery. I helped customers with their orders, processed returns and more. It was a great experience.

Tech Crunch
Chicago Magazine


Threadless on the go!

From the time I started at Threadless we wanted to launch a native mobile app. I was excited to get the opportunity to lead the team in creating the first native app that served as an extension of our existing crowdsourcing platform, providing artists a new way to reach their community on the go.

Tech Crunch
App Voting Blog Post
iPad Blog Post


I worked on many features of the core website including redesigning Voting and a Funding feature that allowed the community to fund designs they wanted printed.


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